The following link is active from now until April 26th. There will be 35 days from the opening of the campaign to reach our objective and make the festival happen. Updates will be published regularly here and on our facebook page to follow the progress of the campaign.
Please share our campaign with your friends and give generously! 


All the events of the Romberg Dagen are free. In order to guarantee our artists a fee that reflects the quality of their work and to help with the costs of the organization, we need your help.

For this reason, we have started a campaign on the arts crowdfunding platform VoordeKunst. If the festival Romberg Dagen interests you and you would like to support it, please follow click on the voordekunst button to join our crowdfunding campaign! A variety of prizes and rewards are offered to our donors.


€10 or more — Thank you!

€25 or more — Great! 

€35 or more — Amazing! 

€50 or more — Thank you for your help! 

€100 or more — Wonderful!

€200 or more — Hurrah!

€500 or more — We are extremely grateful.

€1000 or more — Thank you for being so generous!

Voordekunst is a crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands, like IndieGogo and Kickstarter in North America. At the moment the website is in Dutch, but don't panic! There are English instructions (et en français) (y en español) to make a donation, and only 4 easy steps to follow. Please take the additional five minutes to read the instructions and complete your donation without delay, because without you none of this will be possible!

Click on the button below to give us the support we need to make these festive events happen!

English instructions:
Instructions en français:
Instrucciones Voordekunst Español: